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Ultimate Fat Shredding Stack


RED 1 × 2

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Natural Lean Complete


Product Description

Combining our two premium fat burning products together in to one stack…. twice the effectiveness – ok, and save a little cash!

The most important consideration is to be in a calorie deficit. Dieting is really quite simple – calories in vs calories out.

What a decent thermogenic fat burner will do, is to burn off  up to 100-200 extra calories a day. Ok, that may not seem much – but over the course of a week, that is 700-1400 calories – but, of course, that is all a bit ‘moot’ if even burning off 200 calories still leaves you in a calorie surplus!

That is why we stress that you must have a sensible, real food diet plan in a calorie deficit, (with adequate muscle preserving protein/BCAA intake) then we can help you with the details – the thermogenics to burn that stubborn fat away.


Welcome to the StrongDuck 2 month fat shredding Master Plan!


  1. RED 1 – Two tubs of our high strength, high potency thermogenic fat burner. The tried and trusted, Vegan friendly ingredients in this advanced formula work synergistically to boost your metabolic rate and blunt appetite. Additionally, you will find that your drive to exercise and push yourself physically will be greatly enhanced. Take no more than 3 tablets per day maximum (and not near to bedtime!)
  2. Natural Lean Complete – The all-in-one, fat loss, pre-workout and well-being formula. Ideal morning, and/or pre-workout drink. One or two servings a day.


For the science and proven research behind these products, please check out our blog – maybe make yourself comfortable first…. it could be a long read!

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60 tablets

Natural Lean Complete


Fruit Punch


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